Apr 11, 2014

Mother's Day Cards and a Tutorial

I am in love with this card! It is so dainty and feminine and the ruffle down the side just makes me happy. Want to learn how to add ruffles to your cards too? It couldn't be easier! Our Mother's Day Quote Cards and coordinating printed papers are now available in the store and online. Don't forget to pick up some 8x10 prints to frame for your Mom too... or yourself! 
Happy Friday! Brenda

Mother's Day Quote Cards and coordinating papers are found here

Ruffle Paper Tutorial

Step 1:  Cut a long strip of cardstock and begin to accordion fold, making every other fold half as big as the previous fold.

Step 2: Once your strip is folded, place it on the front of your card, and place under the foot of your sewing machine.

Step 3: Begin to sew your paper, backstitching at the beginning to secure. Keeping your paper strip folded, sew over the folds to create a ruffled look. Backstitch at the end to secure.

Step 4: Assemble the rest of the card as shown, making sure to tuck one side of the quote card under the ruffles, and give to a mother you love.

Apr 8, 2014

New DIY Spring Wood Projects

Have I told you how much we love creating seasonal wood pieces? The absolutely best part for you is your project can turn out just like this with our affordable add on kits, or feel free to just purchase the unfinished wood and add your favorite paper... easy and fun. You will enjoy these designs throughout the years in your home or workplace. Be sure to make time to drop my our store and be delighted or find them all here online.
Have a wonderful day!

Mother's Day Quotes in 8x10 and 3x4

The happy Spring colors around Pebbles make my heart skip a beat. I love how going into each season makes me feel... Today I thought I would share with you some of the Mother's Day quotes we have just created for you. They are simple and fun. The 3x4 size is perfect for card making or gift tags. They can be purchased for .30 each or a sheet of 8 for $1.99. The 8x10 is $1.99 and perfect for framing to make her day. Look forward to seeing a variety of Mother's Day cards made with the 3x4 quote cards in a day or two here! You can find Mother's Day Quote Cards here 

Apr 4, 2014

Spring Memory Banner

Happy Friday!!! This week sure went by quickly didn't it? Today I am contemplating a balanced life, or in my case a lack of one at times. A good thing to do on a cold spring day. I am a night owl by habit or maybe it's the mom in all of us that needs some quietness before bedtime after our busy days.  Anyway, this past week I have been going to bed by 10:30pm and up at 5:30am. My husband Larry's schedule. It feels peculiar. Like I am not in my own skin. I think it will get better as I stick with it. It is the right think to do. There is more to life then accomplishing a lot throughout our days... enjoying the journey and making time for just being has to fit in there somewhere. We are always learning throughout our lives and I am thankful for these learning moments.

Now on to spring... Our Spring Memory Banner is ready to go and is a delightful breath of fresh air for this coming season. We also made a new Doily Basic Banner Kit to attach it to. But it also looks great attached to the Dictionary Pennant Banner also. Add your favorite photos and look forward to warmer weather coming your way!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Available in the store and online here:

Mar 28, 2014

Chick Sour Cream Box Tutorial

How cute is this little guy? He’s the perfect size to fill with goodies and give to friends this Easter season. These are a snap to put together, and are less tricky than they look. We are asked several times each day how to create a sour cream box and in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words and smiles... enjoy! 

Step 1: Fold along the perforated lines of your flat chick box. Adhere the two eyes and beak to the textured side of your box.
Step 2: Run a small strip of double-sided tape along the edge of one of the two flaps. Fold the remaining flap on top of the other to secure.
Step 4: Gently pinch the sides of your box together as shown. Staple.
Step 5: Adhere chick wings to the sides of your box and fill with your favorite candy.

Step 6: Once your box is filled, take the chick fringe, and insert into the opening of your box. Arrange how you like and staple the box closed as shown.

Mar 27, 2014

Easter / Spring Quotes 8x10 and 3x4

Living in Utah, I feel blessed to live in the four seasons. Each season ends before we are ready to say goodbye to it, but I suppose that is what keeps everything fresh and lets us know the year is going by. 
After our long and snowy winter, saying hello to spring is a breath of fresh air. Daffodils are coming out and buds are on the trees. It's 45 degrees and you would think it's shorts and tshirt weather already. Spring is here. Sunny one day, rainy the next or maybe even snow...

Here is our new collection of Easter / Spring Quotes... Let us know how you like them. Available as an 8x10 image or 3x4 cards on a 12 x 12 sheet of card stock $1.99 each. Perfect for gift cards and such. Find them in the store or online here. Soon available as downloadables too.

Mar 21, 2014

Spring into Pebbles...

I told our employee Colette yesterday that I am finishing up spring creativity as spring is almost here. Her reply? "Spring is here!" And it sure is... it just kind of snuck up on me this year and I am playing catch up... but I am happy to say I am nearly there.  Here is a sneak peek of three new kits for Spring that are now in the store and online. Hope you enjoy them!
Find ready made paper crafts here... yes we do the assembly for you!
Have a wonderful weekend!